The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Design (Weapons and Props)

Course Details

Course/Certification Name

The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Design

Weapons and Props

Duration (In Days)

3 Days

Type of Training

Blended  & Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

Course/Certification Level


    Career Track/Job Roles

    • 3D Artist ( Generalist)
    • 3D Modeller
    • 3D Concept Artist
    • Game Art Designer
    • Texturing Artist (for Games)

    Course/Certification Overview

    This course covers the fundamentals of creating weapons and props for games. In this course you will go through the entire creation process: from reference and initial concept to final model. You will learn to deliver creative and appealing models that are optimized for real-time game engines. The course will go over geometry, design, texturing, and rendering-all to create fully-realized weapons and props for your portfolio.


    Moreover, you will gain hands-on experience in using professional tools such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Substance Painter, Render and Game engines.


    Complimentary 3D design assets: Interactive video lessons, brushes for digital painting, Textures, Materials, 3D game assets, Low-poly Base meshes, etc..


    Training Objective(s)

    Ultimate guidance to specialized in multiple concepts, techniques, and essential tools required to become a 3D Artist ( Generalist), 3D Modeller, 3D Concept Artist, Game Art Designer, or Texturing Artist (for Games) in the conceptual and entertainment industries.


    • Students, open for public

    Learning Outcome(s)

    Upon successful completion students should be able to:

    • Use industry standard digital 3D modelling software to create advanced 3D models (Hard surface) .
    • Create both realistic and stylized painted texture maps for models.
    • Utilize and demonstrate successful high to low
    • polygon bakes to create normal maps.
    • Produce and present professional textured 3D models in the industry-standard game engines.

    Skills Outcome(s)

    • Creative Thinking & Innovation
    • Effective Problem Solving
    • Ability to work independently
    • Specialize in multiple platform and 3D design tools


      Modules Content

        –  Introduction to Game design Principles

        –  Gathering Reference & Block-Out phase

        –  Introduction to 3D Applications

        –  High-Poly  Modeling techniques

        –  Low-Poly  Modeling techniques

        – UV Layout, Assembling / Baking

        – PBR / Texturing

        – Animation

        – Lighting and Rendering (Multiple Render Engines)

       – Introduction to Visual effects  ( Game Engine)

       – Presentation ( Game Engine)