Advanced Game Development: Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter Game Using Unity3D

Course Details

Course/Certification Name

Advanced Game Development: Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter Game Using Unity3D

Duration (In Days)

3 days

Type of Training

  • Online

Course/Certification Level

  • Advance

Career Track/Job Roles

  • Games Programming

Course/Certification Overview

 The workshop denotes the learning and exploration of Unity game engine in developing the multiplayer First-Person Shooter (FPS) game. Learn the basics of Multiplayer games by building from the scratch with Photon network. In this course, you will learn the basics to create your own multiplayer games. In every section, we will build a multiplayer game from scratch. There are three sections in the entire workshop. In the first section, we will create a simple and identical game environment from scratch with Photon Unity Networking 2 (PUN2). It involves creating and joining a random room with Photon. Next is to instantiate remote players in the same room as in an identical multiplayers environment. Lastly, it synchronizes players across the network.


Training Objective(s)

  • Utilizing the Photon server to create a multiplayer game environment.
  • Simulate a FPS environment for game development.


  • Unity advance skills
  • C# Object-oriented programming


Learning Outcome(s)

A multiplayer online FPS game

Skills Outcome(s)

  • Creating and joining a random room with Photon.
  • Instantiating remote players in the same room.
  • Synchronizing Player movement and player health across the network.

Modules Content

01). Configuring the network using PUN

02). Connecting to Photon network

03). Creating Game User-Interface

04). Creating And Joining Random Room

05). Preparing Game Scene

06). Loading Game Scene

07). Creating FPS Character

08). Basic FPS Movement – Part 1

09). Basic FPS Movement – Part 2

10). Attaching Weapon To The Character

11). Instantiating Players In The Game Scene

12). Movement Synchronization

13). Attaching Player Names To Each Players

14). Player’s Health Bar UI

15). Shooting Mechanism

16). Killing Mechanism

17). Synchronizing Player Health & Adding Crosshair

18). Dying Mechanism